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Nocha White American Legion Post 503

​Bob & Grace Braicich

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Barb & Pete Hauver

​Tony & Gere Andujar

Marc & Paula Meyer


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Stephen and Becky Dare; Platimum +

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 Sunset Beach Concerts

Pam Fisher

​Dennis & Donna Morris

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Joseph & Carol Santavicca

​Jerry & Judith Blalock Sr.

​Richard & Sharon Giblin

​Art & Mickey Nelson Jr.

​Faye Hayes and Bob Radcliffe

Denise Renier & Ron Cybyske

​Cecil M Mayberry

​Carol & Stephen Sullivan

Richard and Carol Humphrey

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Peter and Jody Larkin
Kathryn Fowler
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Mary Ellen Smith

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​Karen Dombrowski

​Jim & Jane Karriker

As of 5/31/2017  42 Friends $2,500

2017 Season CLOSED for Friends, please consider a contribution for 2018.


Everyone needs friends, and the 2018 Sunset Beach Concerts is no exception! Our friends are our lifeblood! In fact, our friends outnumber our sponsors, and that's the way we want it! When you decide to become a "Friend" of the concerts, we will acknowledge you on our website as well. 

Please consider being our "Friend," so we can help ensure the future of these free concerts in 2018. If you have enjoyed our concerts over the years or shared them with your own friends and family, we hope you will see the value in helping them continue just as they are.